i'm bragging a bit

my learners did a project for tomy takkies this year. the message of the tomies was that aaa school of advertising's learners are brilliant. i posted some photos on my instagram page and tomy takkies made lovely comments. we also posted the designs on aaa school of advertising's facebook page. go and have a look-see if you want to read the ideas behind the different designs.


my studente het hierdie jaar 'n projek vir tomy takkies gedoen. die boodskap wat hulle met hulle tomies moes oordra was dat aaa shool of advertising se studente briljant is. ek het op my instagram blad die fotos gepost en tomy takkies het baie positief gereageer. die tomy ontwerpe is ook op aaa school of advertising se facbook blad gepost. gaan kyk bietjie as julle die idees agter van die tomies wil lees.


new shwe-shwe creations

i found this fabulous shwe-shwe fabric printed on both sides. on the one side polka dots and on the other side typical shwe-shwe patterns. jenny and i made these dresses for my girls and needless to say my girls think they are super cool.


ek vrek oor shwe-shwe materiaal. daar is nou shwe-shwe beskikbaar wat aan beide kante gedruk is, hoe cool is hiedie pienk en swart lap. aan die een kant is dit geprint met pienk en swart polke dots en aan die ander kant tipiese swhe-swhe patrone. ek en jenny het hierdie super cool rokkies 
gemaak van dit. 

ok so i managed to delete my previous post about my shwe-shwe kiddy dresses. i don't know, so don't ask. here are pics of the dressess again ~ 


a match made in heaven

i love rose gold and i love black, so these caught my eye. i want all of them for christmas. for more eye candy and the links to all of these beauties visit my shiny-things-pinterest-board.

roosgoud en swart lê baie na aan my hart. vir 'n paar jaar al sien ek dat juweliere hierdie kombinasie in hul ontwerpe gebruik. duidelik wil ek al hierdie juwele vir kersfees hê. gaan kyk bietjie na my shiny-things-pinterest-board vir nog vele meer en waar hulle oral beskikbaar op die web is.


some clog-candy today

i have no clue what this lady's blog is saying, but i know we share a love for clogs. you can go and look-see here.


ek het geen idee wat hierdie dame se blog sê nie, maar ek kan sien dat ons 'n liefde vir clogs deel ;) gaan kyk bietjie na haar blog spot.


new things at my hello pretty store

I am happy to announce that my products are now available to clients across the globe.  i made a few changes to my shop too. you can now also buy an enamel mug with a cozy. do take a look at my hello pretty shop.


some eye candy

this beautifully styled photo caught my eye. i found the blog of the photographer/designer and its called 79 ideas. go and take in the lovely eye candy on her blog.

if you missed it